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Follinique patches are smooth (scalp naked, hairless, crust or pustule), there are two causes to evoke Follinique  areata or trichotilloman Follinique  ia. Tearing your hair Follinique  Trichotilloman Follinique  ia Trichotilloman Follinique  ia corresponds to a pulling tic. The patient, often a child, wraps his hair in his fingers by pulling on them until they are pulled out. He can make this repetitive movement unconsciously, during the day, but also during his sleep, without really realizing it. One finds then in the morning, hair broken net on the pillow. By examining the periphery of the stripped area, one can note the presence of broken hair of variable size. Trichotilloman Follinique  ia often appears as a result of a psychological shock or a conflict situation. It is a pathology that evolves in pushes. When the child evokes it spontaneously, the prognosis is rather favorable. If he tears his hair secretly and seeks to conceal his habit, there is probably an underlying psychiatric cause that complicates the picture and makes the healing more uncertain. The healing of trichotilloman Follinique  .


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From foitleni1
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