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in the muscle of the reflex . Another advantage of this method of stretching the muscles is that during its application does not work on the maximal erect joints, so the risk of their damage is reduced to a minimum. PIR is primarily based on the occurrence of a muscle disease called antagonistic inhibition . The U sing this phenomenon not only allows you to stretch the muscle you want to stretch, but also its antagonist, and so the muscle that acts contrary. Do it yourself! Properly performed postmodulation muscle relaxation (PIR) consists 


yru hak Oct 13 · Keywords: zmass testo boost
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another disease, such as sterile bone necrosis. Some medications, such as steroids, also contribute to an increase in the incidence of softening of the cartilage tissue. Characterization of chondromalation The course of chondromalation is characterized by considerable variability. Therefore, it was divided into phases. There are different classifications of cartilage softening, but the most commonly used is the so-called Outerbridge division. According to him, the intensity of chondromalation is described by a four-step scale: Grade - softening and softening (edema) degree - cracks and fragmentation of incomplete thickness (slots no larger http://freesupplementrial.com/zmass-testo-boost-reviews/>>

hat wor Oct 13 · Keywords: zmass testo boost
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