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Essential oils are substances that represent the very essence of odour and flavor. Oil is “essential” in the sense that it contains the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essence of the plant’s fragrance. Aromatics Canada’s Essential Oils are pure, undiluted essences extracted directly from a variety of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, roots, herbs, and spices. The oil is isolated by a physical process from an odoriferous plant and bears the name of the plant from which it is derived. The uses for essential oils are vast and diverse. Essential oils are primarily intended for aromatherapy or as a fragrance or scent by diffusion into the air. Certain essential oils are suitable for external use, but they need to be used with great care due to their highly concentrated nature and their reaction to sunlight. As Canada’s leading supplier of quality Essential Oils, we offer the largest selection of 100% Pure, Certified Organic and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products at extremely Competitive Prices.

Our Essential Oils Canada -:

Ajowan Essential Oil -:

Ajowan is an annual herbaceous plant that has grayish- brown fruits. The small fruits are pale brown schizocarps and have an oval shape, resembling caraway and cumin. It has a bitter and pungent taste, with a flavor similar to anise and oregano and has a spicy aroma. The plant is grown mostly in Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan and India and the oil is extracted by means of Steam Distillation.

Benzoin Essential Oil -:

Styrax benzoin is a species of tree native to Sumatra in Indonesia. Benzoin, also known as gum Benjamin, is one of the classic ingredients of incense.

Aniseed Essential Oil -:

The anise is an herbaceous plant growing to a height of 3 ft. or more. The flowers are white, approximately 3 mm in diameter and produced in dense umbels. The Aniseed oil comprises compounds like linalool, camphene, b-pinene, a-pinene, cis-anethole, anisaldehyde, Trans-Anatole, safrole and acetoanisole, and can be used to treat a wide array of health issues.

Catnip Essential Oil -:

Nepeta cataria is a short-lived perennial, herbaceous plant that can attain a size of 3 feet in height and 3 feet wide. The coarse-toothed leaves are triangular to elliptical in shape and the small, bilabiate flowers are showy and fragrant, and are either pink in colour or white with fine spots of pale purple. It blooms from late-spring to the autumn.

Clementine Essential Oil -:

Clementine’s is a mix between a citrus deliciosa (also known as the Mediterranean mandarin) and a sweet orange (also called the temple orange). Its thick rind is easy to peel and its bright orange pulp is sour-sweet and full-flavoured. The oil is thin with a vibrant citrus smell and is cold-extracted in Italy. It is extracted from the peel of the fruit through cold press processing.

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