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A make-up skin becomes worse?

A make-up skin becomes worse?

A make-up skin becomes worse? Who is the culprit in the end! Original title: a make-up skin becomes worse? Who is the culprit in the end! When I go out, rub on the cpb isolation and ysl supermodel liquid foundation, with Givenchy's loose powder, ysl bright color pen and chopped male color lip glaze, powder also replaced chanel, also used nars Kuala Lumpur, hit pk107 ... remember, I have not me, I am a person who will breathe! Focus to a long time so make-up down, is not a lot of people feel that their skin more or less worse? Dull, acne, blackheads seem to silence more? Make the original intention is not to make yourself more beautiful, but that make up the skin but hurt the skin, in the end can not be happy to line makeup The The Hold up anxious! Bud buds to help you analyze the problem in the end where the problem, the skin deterioration of the pot in the end of the end of cosmetics do not back? Reason, because the skin worse, with the cosmetics do have a certain relationship. but! Do not want to put the pot all the cosmetics back! Cause skin deterioration factors not only have the cosmetic factors personal factors also accounted for a large proportion of the buds along with buds to reflect on the problem in the end where the right out of it ~ we can do a exclusion method! Start with personal factors to find the problem, do not rush to disable the cosmetics, make remover, clean, etc., if the skin improved, then the personal factors are caused by skin problems; if done is still no improvement, then, Cosmetics, one by one were disabled after the investigation ~ to see which cosmetics are not suitable for you ~ Cosmetics factors looking finish products Many people in the make-up, the face appeared acne, closed, or blackheads increase the situation, this time, we first Should first check whether it is looking for makeup products! Different types of makeup products, although the addition of ingredients vary, but there will be more to increase the probability of blocking pores ~ these ingredients are not used to say that the skin will be bad, but always someone does not apply to cause skin problems ~ makeup before The first step in the makeup of milk, a lot of babies will choose the first makeup before the milk base ~ especially with the role of the pores of the makeup before the milk will add more 'silicon', it can make you feel after the skin Smooth, but also the effect of hidden pores ~ so many babies are like to use this type of makeup before the milk ~ such as YSL black silk satin moisturizing makeup before the milk ~ but some people are born and silicone oil character does not, may also lead to Skin problems, but buds feel more likely to be clean do not do a good relationship! This is the back of the talk! YSL / Saint Laurent TOPSECRETS black silk satin moisturizing isolation makeup before the milk (for silicone oil into the rumor: that 'silicone oil' is not a lot of people immediately think of Joe sister with a thick Korean accent 'silicone oil shampoo In fact, the role of silicon itself is equivalent to the formation of a waterproof layer on the skin, so that the skin is more soft and smooth, easier to follow up on the makeup.However, because the molecular weight of silicone oil is relatively small, so many people for silicon Misleading, that it will be more likely to increase the burden on the skin, blocking the pores !!! Young ignorant buds have also been so that later found the information later found that no research has shown that silicone oil will clog pores. There are particularly many babies that use the silicone oil products easy to long acne, so do not rule out some people is not suitable for containing silicon products.) Foundation liquid foundation liquid usually contains more oil, and the more greasy heavy Of the liquid foundation or foundation cream cheap nike running shoes, the more likely to block the pores. If it is oily or acne muscle, and in the make-up after the long acne, blackheads, it is necessary to pay attention to is not their own use of the foundation is not too oily, blocking the pores, stimulate the inflammation, which led to acne produce. For example, the honey silk Buddha this frost bud buds to hear a lot of oil acne feedback that is too heavy will be stuffy pox ~ honey silk Buddha water touch frost cream cream in recent years, the air is really super fire, many babies will use air to replace Liquid foundation. Air cushion principle is to dilute the liquid foundation bubble in the sponge air powder core, because of the existence of a large number of microporous this feature, so the sponge in the air cushion has become a breeding ground for microbes, easier to breed bacteria. Cosmetics allergy If you use the cosmetics, the emergence of swelling, itching, redness and other symptoms, then basically belong to the cosmetics allergy. So what is the cause of cosmetics allergies? Spices and Pigments Most of the cosmetics allergy is usually caused by spice and pigment two factors! In the make-up (powder, blush, lipstick, etc.) in the proportion of spices is relatively high, for sensitive skin, the spice is a great allergen. On the pigment, in the make-up will inevitably use the pigment, or even a variety of pigments. This is another reason that may be allergic or irritating. Specific allergic ingredients vary from person to person, and different people may have their own specific allergic ingredients. This really bud bud can not help you, and to personally step on the mine may know! Fake or three no products that do not bud buds say it nike air max 2017, we should all understand! Do not buy three unsolicited products! Buy cosmetics to choose Kaopu channel! Do you be responsible for your own face? Personal factors to read the cosmetic factors, then ask you to see their own personal habits in the end there is no problem it ~ bud buddy synthesis of friends around the case, personal factors is actually many people make-up after the skin deterioration main reason! Makeup remover is not complete, make-up tools are not clean, excessive rude friction skin, these problems may cause the impact of Oh ~ makeup remover do not clean the makeup of this problem is really cliché! How important is it to clean this thing, bud buds really have to take the trouble to emphasize! Really for your clean and broken heart! The The I do not know if you have found that many people often painted eye makeup are prone to dark eyes, as if born with the same eye shadow. In fact, is not completely caused by remover! Do not do a good job cleaning will lead to make-up residue, cosmetics melanin over the years it is easy to penetrate into the skin, causing pigmentation. Second, sometimes the pores caused by acne, black reason is not appear in the cosmetics, this time you have to reflect on their own makeup is not a problem! If the skin make-up, began to acne acne increase in the situation, do not worry blame your cosmetics! Seriously do a good job after cleaning, if the skin gradually restored, that is their own remover is not complete rather than the product of the problem ~ If you say that they often do not remover, it really want to drag out to hit the 30 big board! Make-up tool is not clean This problem is very common nike air max clearance, but also the most likely to make mistakes, but many people did not realize! Do not say anything else, bud buds to see their own girlfriend, perennial puff are black and dirty, but also every day holding her dark puff is very happy to face makeup! Really very thorough negative teaching materials, promised me, you baby do not imitate this dangerous behavior okay! The The In the makeup of the makeup when a lot of people will choose to use a brush, sponge or air cushion puff a kind of make-up tools, these tools stained with a variety of make-up products directly contact your skin, if long-term do not clean, this two to easily breed Bunch of bacteria! Bud bud really can not wait to take a microscope to show you how much inside the possession of bacteria! Excessive friction in the process of making the skin will be more or less contact or friction to the skin, whether it is with a soft brush or fingers, too rough will hurt the skin. Such as long-term eye makeup people, often back and forth to pull the eye skin, so the eye fine lines will be relatively more. If the skin itself is more sensitive, too much effort to friction the skin will lead to epidermal damage, it is possible to grow a lot like red rash like acne Oh! The The See this is not some baby scared! do not worry! Bud buds is not to tell you later do not make up the makeup of ~ no makeup woman is not the future okay! The The That in the end? Want to make-up and want the skin will not change it? Do the following few ~ mother no longer worry you make up bad face! The The Let the skin rest to properly let the skin rest! Just as we eat big fish every day, but also the occasion to clear the same way the same intestine ~ If the skin is not bad, makeup is also very beautiful, then do not make up every day ~ If you are not confident enough, make sure to make up every day, then There is no special occasions when the demand, try not to too thick makeup! A touch of bare makeup, you might see your god will be pure and pure, good contrived, and the outside of the bitch is not the same! The The Fan Bingbing and other female stars because of the needs of the work, often on the need for heavy makeup, so when they do not work most of them will choose makeup, so that the skin breathing Oh ~ remover in time to take a day after the home, So that the skin can be more effective in dissolving makeup, and the water will be emulsified, can better clean the pores Within the grease Oh ~ so the most important thing is to use cleansing oil must be completely emulsified! The The If you are particularly easy to Zhangdou, and makeup is not strong, you can use to consider the use of makeup water ~ such as now the basic staff of a Biederme ~ Bioderma Bodermo Shu Yan cleansing powder water bud bud teach you a judge Did not unload the clean method ~ is after washing the face, take a look at the water on the skin is what kind of form. If the water droplets are finely distributed on the skin, that is unloading clean. And if there is a large plume on the skin of large drops of water residue, is not unloading clean. You baby tonight remover when you can look at Oh ~ regular cleaning make-up tools on a regular cleaning make-up tool is very important! Be sure to develop a good habit of cleaning up a make-up tool for at least one week! Bud buds have taught you how to clean makeup tools Oh, have not seen the children's shoes can review ~ (allergic acne, the original air cushion is to blame!) If you are easy to acne, then more Keep your makeup tools clean! You can use a special puff, brush cleaning fluid or shower gel, hand sanitizer is also not worth it ~ such as buds themselves will take Johnson \u0026 Johnson baby shampoo to wash the child, the mild ingredients will not hurt the bristles Oh ~ from the left To the right: DAISO / large fountain brush with a cosmetic cotton makeup brush special cleaning agent Johnson baby shampoo every day to the makeup, then every day to clean the make-up tool is also very unrealistic! Bud buds to teach you a clean coup ~ the market has a wash-free brush cleaning spray, such as BOBBIBROWN or too cool for school have every time in the use of a brush before spraying a spray, and then back and forth on paper Rubbing about, the brush will clean a lot of Oh ~ from left to right: BOBBI BROWN Barbie Polang brush clean spray too cool for school make-up brush clean spray makeup method to gently avoid excessive friction is the best way to use sponge or Puff - first squeeze the liquid foundation on the puff or sponge, even after the uniform distribution of the upper face. Do not back and forth the friction, do not vigorously wipe, so makeup more natural, it will not damage to the skin. But once again stressed that the sponge must be clean and clean Oh! Choose mineral foundation easy long acne oil skin, then bud buds suggest the choice of mineral foundation! Because mineral powder relative to the liquid foundation, the composition is simple, so it is not easy to cause pox, it is easy to unload clean. Second, the mineral powder is the face of the more oil, but the more oil will become more popular ~ ~ For example, Bare Minerals mineral foundation for oil acne skin can be used at ease ~ BareMinerals matte / Original control oil matte mineral foundation selection of regular big products if On the hand to buy an informal three no product nike air max 90, or buy fake, really do not long-winded, and quickly lost! If there is no way to fly, then try to choose to buy the brand by the counter bar! Expired cosmetics do not use the general cosmetics shelf life is two years cheap nike air max 90, more than two years the best eliminated! General packaging to see such a pattern (as shown below), that is, in the Kaifeng as far as possible in six months to twelve months run out! Especially the liquid class of cosmetics if you find a precipitate or smell will quickly throw away! There are hair loss of the brush and the old puff or sponge to be renewed! Bud buds love: in the end, make-up of this thing or a double-edged sword ~ ​​make-up make us more beautiful and more confident, but it is easy to accidentally there will be a pile of skin problems! So, what to do to grasp a degree! As long as the skin there is a problem, we must immediately pay attention to the buds according to the one by one to check the past, clearly clear in the end is the problem of cosmetics or do not pay attention to their own, most people still should be from their own clean and make-up habits to find the cause , Do not have a brain that cosmetics how bad it! Attention, attention and then pay attention to their own personal factors, put you back and forth the friction of the little hands do, or really will be accidentally rotten it! The The
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    A make-up skin becomes worse?
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    A make-up skin becomes worse? Who is the culprit in the end! Original title: a make-up skin becomes worse? Who is the culprit in the end! When I go ...
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