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The country has cleared more than 3200 deputy level...

The country has cleared more than 3200 deputy level...

The country has cleared more than 3200 deputy level above the 'naked' nearly a thousand people were transferred Kong According to the central decision-making arrangements, in 2014, at all levels of party committees (party groups) and its organization and personnel departments to further strengthen the 'naked official', the Ministry of Personnel, Management oversight. Up to now, with the leadership of cadres to report personal matters related to the work of the country a total of more than 3,200 cadres above the level of the spouse or no spouse but their children have moved abroad (outside the situation); nearly a thousand in the limit Positions and spouses or children do not want to give up the displaced cadres, all of the job adjustment. In order to strengthen the supervision and management of the 'naked officer', the Central Organization Department issued the Measures for the Administration of Positions of National Staffs Outside the State of the Spouse, which stipulated that the spouse had moved abroad or had no spouse, (The 'naked officer'), the leaders of the state-owned enterprises and institutions, and the military cheap scottie pippen shoes, foreign, national security, Confidential and other important positions. In the case of 'naked officials' who have served in the restricted posts cheap nike air max shoes, the organization and personnel departments follow the cadres' management authority and talk to each other one by one nike air max shoes. They insist on talking about understanding nike basketball shoes, talking about the policy, talking about the idea, discussing the choice, or By their spouse (without their children by their children) to give up the foreign nationality cheap retro jordan shoes, the country (territory) outside the right of permanent residence and long-term residence permit, or adjust its current position. Disagree with the organization to adjust, exchange decisions, to give criticism of education, organizational treatment or disciplinary action. The next step, the organization and personnel departments at all levels will be in accordance with the central requirements of the 'naked official' positions for normalized management, the implementation of the normal reporting adjustment system; pay attention to play the role of social supervision, the leading cadres to conceal 'bare official' Found together to deal with together.
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